Faking Cancer

Faking cancer 

I meant to post this almost two years ago :/  Somehow it was marked “private” and never published!

 The last few months have been hectic at best! We (Sebastian, Bruce, and myself) had all been waiting for the court date as a stress relief. I think in everyone’s minds, once the papers were squared away we could just get along with life as it is now and not have to think so much about Cruella (evil ex-wife). Life has been very busy. With Bruce playing in the high school band, anywhere from two to four nights a week have been band related activities that he needs to be driven to and picked up from. I’m sure for people that have kids, this constant running around is normal, but I am certainly not used to it. It was difficult adjusting to seeing Sebastian one or two nights a week as opposed to four or five. He always wants to drive out of his way to see me, even for just ten minutes, but usually I won’t let him if it doesn’t make any sense. 10 minutes is really not enough time for him to go out of his way, in my opinion. I love Bruce and I want him to be happy here, but having a kid is tough when you don’t live together!

The other problem is that Bruce has been so hurt by his mother, Cruella. I mentioned in my last couple posts, he had found the “anonymous” blog that she was keeping and was very upset at the idea that she might have cancer. Sebastian and I never really thought she had cancer, given her history of making up stories and constant lying, but as her child, Bruce loves her so it really bothered him not knowing if she was lying or not. He is angry at her, and rightfully so, for her selfish, narcissistic, abusive behavior but he felt he could not be angry with her if she was dying of cancer. We talked to him and ultimately decided the healthiest thing to do would be for none of us to read her blog. Sebastian printed out a copy for his lawyer and we all stopped looking at the blog, which was 95% lies anyway. All the sex stuff might have been real but Sebastian and I do not care about her sexual exploits and her 15 year old son REALLY did not need to be reading about it!!!!

As the court date got closer, we began getting more tense wondering if she was going to show up. When she was served papers from Sebastian’s lawyer, she became irate that he was not going to continue paying her the same amount of child support he always had, even though he now had one of the children! I am sure that was her shopping fund, she is very bad with money and he is still paying off the $8000 worth of debt she ran up on credit card in his name and stuck him with during the divorce! Sebastian had only asked that the judge reassess and make a decision, he did not ask to pay a specific amount or stop paying, just that the judge should decide. In the three months leading up to the court date he continued paying her $600+ each month even though he’d had to move and incurred the expense from moving Bruce 1,000 miles from up north back down here and then moving again into a two bedroom apartment so that Bruce could have a room. Moving twice is definitely not cheap, not to mention that he was taking Bruce to the doctor and dentist, all stuff that Cruella did not do in the year he was with her. He did not have his ADHD medicine for that entire year because she was too selfish and lazy to take him to the doctor, and he also got SIX cavities that year. Sebastian had paid for both the kids to go to the dentist shortly before leaving, and even though it was in the divorce papers that Sebastian would pay ALL the children’s medical expenses if she would submit receipts, she did not take them to the doctor ever.

She called Sebastian’s lawyer and was extremely “unstable” in his words. Apparently she thought that she could get out of paying for her own lawyer by telling Sebastian’s lawyer to put what she wanted in the papers. To which the lawyer basically said, get your own lawyer! We did not know if she would even bother to come here, she wrecked her car and still lives 12 hours away even though she moved to another state, moving Harley twice in two years. Two to three days before the court date we found out from Sebastian’s lawyer that Cruella would be coming, she had left him another “disturbing” voicemail. The court date ended up going pretty well, they agreed to most everything and Sebastian is still paying child support for Harley although it is much lower given it’s not for two kids. Cruella told Sebastian that she has “aggressive stage four breast cancer” that had traveled to her lymph nodes and spread significantly in a 3 month time period, yet somehow the doctors said she had an “80% chance of survival.” That did not sound plausible, and as I researched it I saw that it was even less plausible than I realized. So Sebastian’s lawyer said that he would put a discovery request in for her medical records and that in his legal opinion if she was lying about the cancer, Sebastian should try to get custody of Harley.

The discovery request went out and Sebastian’s lawyer was not playing around! He requested Cruella’s medical records, the name and contact of her encologist, a report on her prognosis, and all sorts of things to prove the cancer was real. When Cruella got the discovery request she melted down. She called Sebastian and he said that he couldn’t explain it but he was afraid she was going to hurt herself. She admitted that she does not now nor has she ever had breast cancer. She made it all up. She claims she didn’t want the kids to know and then when she found out Bruce knew she didn’t want him to know that she is “crazy” (her word!) so she decided to pretend like she was getting treatment and that she would “get better.” She begged Sebastian not to try to get custody of Harley but it’s like, OMG, why would you FAKE CANCER to begin with? How SICK does someone have to be? It’s so f***ed up.


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